Sales FAQ

Companies On The Move provides the opportunity for your company to reach a large in-flight or network TV audience with a custom-made video that we create or that you provide to us.

45 minutes in length.

Your video will air on approximately 80,000 flights per month. If only 1 to 3 viewers tune in per flight, this equates to 80,000 to 240,,000 viewers per month.

Depending on what you purchase, we can create either one or two-minute interview or corporate-style video (or 30-second commercial) using your existing media assets, images and B-roll footage. If you have limited or no media assets, we can create your video using royalty free stock images and video. Onsite filming is additional and starts at $2,500 for a half day (4 hours of filming at one location).

Yes, absolutely. Most of our clients include a call to action at the end of their video by including their phone number, website or a specific URL. This enables our clients to track responses and ROI.

Yes, you can use the video right away to place on your website, social media and for other promotional purposes that you may have. There is no need to wait until the video airs.

Yes. On American Airlines, we receive a video exhibition report 60 days after the last day of airing. For the TV networks, we are provided with a post log.  We can share these reports with you when they are made available to us.

Payment is due upon receipt when you sign up for our program. Payment can be made via credit card, wire transfer, check or PayPal. 

All packages include production, distribution and re-usage rights. There are no additional fees unless you would like on-site filming.

Yes, we have been producing content for over 28 consecutive years on American Airlines and major TV networks. We can provide you with client references if needed.

Production FAQ

We feature interview and corporate-style videos on our program. You can also supply us with a pre-produced video.

The production process is the same as the interview-style video process mentioned below. However, instead of the audio interview soundtrack, our host will voice your script that you provide to us or we can write one for you.

We start the process by sending you a video production form. Completing this form will enable our writer to draft a suggested intro/questions/close for your review and approval.  We then schedule a day/time to record the audio interview via phone, or we prefer you record the answers using Voice Memo on an iPhone (or applicable app on Android device) and send us the audio file. Our host will then record the intro/questions and close and we will edit in your audio answers. This becomes the audio track for your video. 

We illustrate your video with media assets that we provide (using our vast library of royalty-free images and video) and that you provide (i.e., spokesperson’s headshot, company logo, images, graphics and any video you may have). The end result is an engaging video with visuals timed to your interview. If you prefer, a quote for on-site filming is available upon request.

Once we create your video, we will send you a preview link for your review and approval. After you approve, we will provide you with a downloadable video link to save to your computer.  The video is yours to keep and can be utilized on your website, social media, and promotions for years to come. 

We don’t recommend scripted answers because the tone of your interview should be conversational. We recommend using bullet points that can be used as framework for your interview.

It should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Since this is not a live interview, we will edit out “ums”, “uhs”, lip smacks, hesitations or any stumbles. We can re-record any answers and our editing process will make you sound like a pro.

We will record your interview by telephone, For best quality, we recommend that you send us an audio file of your answers recorded on your iPhone or other device.

Typically within 3 to 5 business days.

No polarizing political, religious, social or health topics. All topics should be presented as objective topics with no specific agenda. All topics should be neutral. No mention of security and airline travel in a negative light or plane crashes, terrorists, bombs, deaths, or sexually related content that would make passengers feel uncomfortable.

Based on information you supply in our production form, our writers will draft the intro, suggested questions and close for an interview style video, or draft copy for a corporate-style video.

Each client receives two rounds of edits, prior to final approval. Additional edits are available for a nominal fee.

You will have ample time for the production process. However, if you are unable to meet our production deadline, we will move your video segment to the next broadcast cycle. An additional fee may be levied.